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  • Classics and Class 
    Greek and Latin Classics and Communism at School

    Red. David Movrin, Elżbieta Olechowska

    Warszawa: DiG, 2016

    ss. 592

    Format B5

    Oprawa twarda

    ISBN 978-83-7181-943-8


    Contents Preface · xi Great Britain: An Idea Whose Time Has Come 1 Henry Stead and Edith Hall Between the Party and the Ivory Tower: Classics and Communism in 1930s Britain · 3 Soviet Union: The Idea Backed by the Imperial Power 2 Nina V. Braginskaya Studying the History of Classical Scholarship in Soviet Russia · 35 3 Nataliya Nikolaeva The Classical, Orthodox and Soviet in Sergei Sobolevsky’s Ancient Greek Textbook · 51 vi 4 Olga Budaragina Alexander Zaicev, a Non-Conformist from Ancient Greece · 55 5 Vladimir Fayer “Thank God, my thesis was poor”: Soviet Classical Philology in the Fifties, the Communist Regime, Old Professoriate and Komsomol Youth · 65 6 Andrii Yasinovskyi Humanities in an Anti-Human Era: The Case of Classics in Ukraine (1945–1991) · 75 7 Andrii Yasinovskyi Professor Salomo Luria and the Lviv School of Classics behind the Iron Curtain · 89 Classical Languages in People’s Democracies: The Idea Imposed on Post-war Europe 8 Lubor Kysučan Classical Languages as the Barometer of Political Change in Communist Czechoslovakia · 103 9 Wilfried Stroh Vitae parallelae: On Classical Studies which Took Place (Or Could Have Taken Place) in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and German Democratic Republic (GDR) up until 1989 · 113 vii 10 David Movrin Classics in Postwar Secondary Education: Personal Perspectives of Four Slovenian Principals · 123 11 Nada Zečević Homo Faber, Professor in a Grey Suit and Destructive Poems: Communist Ideology and Latin Language Curriculum in Secondary Schools of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1945–1992 · 141 12 Nevena Panova The Foundation of the National Gymnasium for Ancient Languages and Civilisations in Sofia: between Tradition and Ideology · 167 13 Neven Jovanović Croatian Latin Writers – an International Nationalist Phenomenon in a Socialist Republic · 193 14 Elżbieta Olechowska Teaching Latin and Greek in Inter-War Poland · 213 15 Barbara Brzuska Latin and Politics in People’s Poland · 229 16 Grażyna Czetwertyńska Expectations and Disappointments – Latin and Antiquity as Components of the Education System in Poland at the Beginning of the Nineties · 287 viii European Classicists Across the Atlantic: Escaping The Idea 17 Judith Peller Hallett and Dorota Dutsch Raising the Iron Curtain, Crossing the Pond: Transformative Interactions Among North American and Eastern European Classicists since 1945 · 301 Teachers, Writers, and Artists Inspired by Antiquity: In Spite the Idea 18 Barbara Brzuska Miles fortissimus, egregius magister: Adam Trybus (1909–1982) · 317 19 Jerzy Axer Stefania Światłowska: An Extraordinary Teacher · 329 20 Elżbieta Olechowska Aleksander Krawczuk’s Fascinating Antiquity · 337 21 Katarzyna Marciniak Veni, Vidi, Verti: Jacek Bocheński’s Games with Censorship · 357 22 Jure Mikuž Marij Pregelj’s Fifty Illustrations for Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey (1949–1951): A Starting Point of Slovenian Modernist Painting · 389 ix documents About the Authors · 547 Index · 559

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