WOMAN AND THE HOLOCAUSTnr katalogowy: 7837
  • Woman and the Holocaust. New perspectives and challenges

    Red. Andrea Peto, Luise Hecht, Karolina Krasuska

    Warszawa: IBL PAN, 2015

    ss. 268

    Format B5

    Oprawa miękka

    ISBN 978-83-64703-24-9


    Women and the Holocaust: New Perspectives and Challenges expands the existing scholarship on women and the Holocaust adopting current approaches to gender studies and focusing on the texts and contents from Central and East-Central Europe. The authors complicate earlier approaches by considering the intersections of gender and nation, region, and sexuality. In these essays, the Communist regimes after WWII often provide a productive framework for studying women and the Holocaust. This truly international volume features contributions by established authors, as well as new voices in the field who delve into previously unmapped archives, explore cinematic representations, and digital testimonies.

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