BARBARIANS AT THE GATESnr katalogowy: 3959
  • Barbarians at the gates. Mare integrans. Studies on the history of the shores of the Baltic SeaRed. 

    Red. Maciej Franz, Zbigniew Pilarczyk

    Toruń: Adam Marszałek, 2013

    ss. 524

    Format A5

    Oprawa miękka

    ISBN 978-83-7780-745-3


    The volume of studies presented to the readers, as the ninth part of the so called „Wolin Studies” is not a summary of those debates as much as it is an attempt to look closer at the issue of barbarians in the history of humankind. The editors decided that the issue may be considered as universal for the history of humankind. Since the most ancient times, people have acted in a way that may be considered as barbaric. In this way we got food, territory, power and wealth.


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