1914-1918. AN ANATOMY OF GLOBAL CONFLICTnr katalogowy: 5134
  • 1914-1918. An Anatomy of Global Conflict.

    Andrzej Chwalba

    Kraków: Uniwersytet Jagielloński, 2014

    ss. 228

    Format B5

    Oprawa miękka

    ISBN 978-83-233-3638-9


    We know more or less all there is to know about the way the hostilities of the 1914–1918 war developed. What’s still left to be cleared up are just a few details which will not have much of an effect on the general picture of the armed conflict.

    An area which offers promising horizons for research is historical anthropology, which has the cognitive instruments needed to embark on new paths of study and the effective verification of what has been accomplished hitherto.

    This book is an attempt to embark on fresh paths of research using new instruments of cognition. It searches for answers to questions in historical anthropo-logy. It contains a clinical review of a collection of diverse source materials from all the important fields of battle and their aftermaths, as well as from the civilian background. It makes use of a variety of resources relating to the Eastern, Western, and Southern European fronts, as well as fronts beyond Europe. To make the book more readable I have decided to break free of the usual academic custom of footnoting and have put only a selected bibliography at the back.

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